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Core Biopsy Gun

A biopsy gun can be disposable or reusable, automatic or manual, but automatic SmartCut disposable biopsy guns are easier for fine needle aspiration biopsies than reusable ones because each SmartCut is automatic and one hand operable. The words core biopsy gun/needle/device/instrument are used interchangeably.


What is a Core biopsy Gun?

A biopsy gun is used instead of a syringe for very fine needle biopsies. They are ultra lightweight and portable.


How To Use A Core Biopsy Device?

A biopsy gun is easy to operate, especially ones like Smart Cut that are designed for one hand operation.


Buy Core Biopsy Needles

    Smart Cut Automatic Disposables
  • Ultra lightweight and portable
  • Automatic one-step technique
  • Single-handed use
  • Faster sample retrieval
  • Easy and secure use
  • High performance stainless steel
  • Sharper cannula for more core sample
  • Echogenic tip
  • Special bevel-edged tip
  • Comfortable and fast execution via rear trigger or front trigger
  • Reinforced biopsy window
Smart Cut Automatic Core Biopsy Guns
Smart Cut Automatic Core Biopsy Gun