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When parts of the body show symptoms that require cellular scrutiny, doctors may use biopsy needles to extract the cells to diagnose a medical condition or to rule out a disease or condition. Visual medical exams that are less invasive than biopsy needles can show abnormalities, but cannot, for examples, specifically differentiate cancer cells from non-cancerous ones, or match organ cells for a possible transplant as well as a biopsy needle.

Medical imaging tests, such as a computerized tomography (CT) scan or an ultrasound, aid diagnosis and can even be used along with biopsy needles to more accurately locate the area to be biopsied.


Fine Needle Aspiration

FNA biopsy needles are thin and hollow, used to draw cells from the body. These very thin biopsy needles (22 or 25 Gauge) are usually used to biopsy lumps or masses that require only individual cells for diagnosis, rather than a full tissue sample.


Biopsy Needles Usage

A biopsy needle is hollow and those used for FNA are thinner than a normal syringe, while a core biopsy needle is thicker than a normal syringe. A biopsy needle is inserted to extract cells for analysis. This technique is a very safe, minor surgical procedure to avoid a major surgical biopsy. Since the needle for FNA is thinner than a normal syringe, fine needle aspiration can be performed with or without anesthetic. In fact the local anesthetic needle will be felt as much or more than the biopsy one. Core biopsy needles will be lower gauge, thicker needles and require local anesthetic.
biopsy needles

FNA biopsy needles are very small gauge so aiming the needle into the problematic cells can be tricky, and the problem could be missed and give a false negative result. There is also a risk that the very few cells taken will not enable a definitive diagnosis. To help aim the needle biopsy, Ultrasound Guided FNA is popular.

Biopsy needles are used in outpatient procedures and biopsies can be in a doctor's office.


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Needle Biopsy Supplies

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6 Reasons To Use Biopsy Needles
  • A needle biopsy may reveal whether a mass or lump is a cyst, an infection, a benign tumor or cancer.
  • Analysis from a needle biopsy can help doctors determine what germs are causing an infection so that the most effective medications can be used.
  • Comparison of biopsies obtained from different patients can match organ cells for a possible transplant.
  • Looking closely at a needle biopsy sample may reveal what's causing inflammation and what types of cells are involved.
  • Evaluating cells can provide an idea of how progressed organ damage may be, or how aggressive a cancer is.
  • A needle biopsy may also be used to assess a treatment's progress or lack thereof.

A local anesthetic may be given to numb the area being biopsied, especially with thicker core biopsy needles.

After your doctor obtains a tissue sample, it's sent to a laboratory for analysis. The sample may be chemically treated or frozen and sliced into very thin sections. The sections are placed on glass slides, stained — to enhance contrast — and studied under a microscope by a person who specializes in examining body tissues (pathologist) or a specialist in blood and blood-forming tissues (hematologist), or both.